Protecting and advancing Australia's aviation safety standards and operations

Safety & Technical Update

The S&T Team continues to participate in many forums and undertake activities to ensure that high standards are maintained in Australia and, through IFALPA, globally.

Aircraft Incidents & Accidents Why Representation is Important

The safety interview process can be quite unnerving for crew. If you have been involved in an accident or incident, seeking assistance from an Association representative early in the process can help relieve the stress and anxiety of an impending "interview"...

IFALPA AAP Committee Comes To Sydney

The Australian Airline Pilots' Association (AusALPA) hosted the IFALPA Accident Analysis and Prevention (AAP) Committee Meeting for the first time in Sydney from 14-16 November...

IFALPA Asia Pacific Regional Meeting

This meeting concentrates on identifying and attempting to assist with solutions for matters impacting the Asia/Pacific region. This can range from assisting with specific issues at an individual airport to much broader interests.

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